Arts Engines Announces The Young People’s Chorus of New York City As A New Creative Partner

Arts Engines with Aron Durkin highlights the perspectives of the thought leaders and game-changers who are creating significant impact in the field of the arts.

Each episode reveals the human stories, best practices and real-life experiences of those who power human creativity each and every day. In partnership with Detroit Public Television, Arts Engines utilizes Zoom interviews with guests that are then distributed and broadcast through both digital and broadcast mediums. The show seeks to share the most valuable advice and input from arts administrators who tell their stories of creative problem-solving, policy, economic impact, crisis management and empowering the future of our field. Arts Engines seeks to inspire, share, empower, challenge and connect our diverse audiences with the most important leaders in our field.

Arts Engine announced on June 25, 2020, the founding Creative Partners for  Arts Engine, organized to share advice, stories, and perspectives by various  thought-leaders  of creative problem-solving, policy, economic impact, crisis management, and the future of the arts after Covid. YPC is among these major presenting, academic, and service organizations that support and serve the arts, such as Carnegie Hall, the Kennedy Center, and the Sphinx organization.

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