Radio Radiance

Radio Radiance was created in 2009 by the Young People’s Chorus of New York City to expand the influence of its groundbreaking Transient Glory commissioning series for young voices. The series is designed to excite and challenge the music perceptions of young people with fresh, new musical ideas. Through the Radio Radiance commissions, some of today’s most adventurous composers are redefining ideas of what traditional classical music can sound like by combining new ideas, technology, and the human voice to create new music and new sounds. Through podcasts of this music, young people are able to listen not only in concert halls, but on-the-go, through the kinds of audio technology they use every day: iPods, iPhones, laptops, as well as the time-honored medium of radio.

To further participation and appreciation of this new music, YPC invites a select number of high-level regional choruses across the U.S. mainland and Hawaii to take on the challenge of studying, premiering, and even broadcasting a Radio Radiance work of their choice on their local radio stations, often in collaboration with the composers.

To hear music and interviews from our Radio Radiance series, please visit our SoundCloud page.


To date, the Young People’s Chorus of New York City has premiered 12 Radio Radiance commissions in live performances recorded for broadcast by American Public Media, WNYC New York Public Radio, and WWFM The Classical Network.

Since 2009 YPC’s Radio Radiance™ commissions have introduced millions of radio listeners to the newest cutting-edge music from both well-known and emerging composers. Learn more about them and their Radio Radiance commissions here:

Radio Radiance Choruses

To further participation and listenership of this music, YPC collaborates nationwide with regional youth choruses, who are invited to study, premiere, and broadcast a Radio Radiance work of their choice in their local areas.

These activities extend the reach of the Radio Radiance compositions to young people and their audiences and, in addition, provide unique benefits to participating choruses, such as the opportunity:

  • To grow musically
  • To become a resource and inspiration for other youth choirs
  • To connect directly with the composer of a new piece of music for a local premiere
  • To enjoy recognition among peers, local organizations, and on a local and national level for being invited to participate in this program that has been funded by the NEA since 2009.

Participating choruses have included:

Irvine High School Concert Chorus
Irvine, California

Ithaca Children’s Choir
Ithaca, New York

Longmeadow High School
Longmeadow, Massachusetts

Miami Children’s Chorus
Miami, Florida

Punahou Academy Chorale
Honolulu, Hawai’i

Roseville Area High School
Roseville, Minnesota

Radio Radiance in the Media

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