A new virtual album dedicated to New York City’s essential workers

Heroes is a virtual album of songs dedicated to the thousands of New York City essential workers who have, since the middle of March, been keeping the rest of us safe. This virtual album of newly arranged and reimagined songs is performed by each of the artists of the Young People’s Chorus of New York City from their respective homes.

Each performance, enhanced with personal artworks and familiar landscapes, evokes the emotions of the children at this unique moment in time—from poignancy and sadness to playfulness and delight. This virtual album continues the upward curve of YPC’s groundbreaking and innovative program by showcasing the strength and resilience of the singers and sending a hopeful message from the children.

The first two singles were streamed in May, stay tuned for more!

Second single – “9 to 5/Footloose Medley”

First single – “You’ll Never Walk Alone”