The world may be at a pause, but the music-making within our community is as strong as ever at the
Young People’s Chorus of New York City. 

Our mission to bring together children from all over New York City and use the power of music to unite and inspire remains constant. While we may not be together physically, every day YPC continues our work to create beautiful music, support our chorister’s academic endeavors, provide a social and emotional outlet for artistic expression, and share the joy of friendship and community.

As we count the days until we can hear those joyful voices in person, please make a gift to support YPC’s extraordinary efforts to move programs online and create new ones to help our young people through this difficult moment in time.

With donations from YPC’s generous and dedicated community, we can move FORWARD TOGETHER!


of choristers participating in YPConnects, our new virtual programming


of YPC choristers graduate high school on time and go on to college


of NYC districts represented in YPC choristers


of students increased their emotional intelligence (EQ) in one year

Responding to our Choristers’ Needs Today

YPConnects is a digital network in response to our new virtual community.

“You went from zero to 60 with your curriculum and added thoughtful extensions kids could do at home. You’re checking in on social-emotional health in the most thoughtful ways, and it really makes a huge difference in the lives of the children.”
– YPC Parent

“YPC is such a light in the dark for my daughter. Thank you for being there for my baby, and for all of the children. They need you!”
– YPC Parent
“We feel so blessed that [our child] is a part of something really special.  Thank you for putting so much love and dedication into making chorus the best experience for the kids under these circumstances. ”
– YPC Parent

We are preparing for tomorrow, and so are our choristers.

Hear them now:

Hear Tomorrow with Helene

Hear Tomorrow with Marcelo

Hear Tomorrow with Olivia