Beyond The Notes

Unlocking Possibility: Education

YPC choristers enjoy comprehensive choral and performance programming that allows them to achieve musical excellence on stage. But in addition to music education, YPC also provides the tools necessary for each child to succeed in life outside of the chorus – beyond the notes. Educational programming at YPC is designed to help its choristers get ahead academically, apply to college, network with professionals, and much more – inspiring children to think about their future, and realize their full potential.


YPC’s College Bound program invests in the academic success of all our graduates by providing our choristers with guidance and support for college admissions. College Bound offers a range of academic services, including SAT/ACT test prep, essay writing workshops, comprehensive Common App support, one-on-one admissions consulting, and more – all free of charge. As a result, 100% of YPC choristers attend college.

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YPC’s voice curriculum is rooted in evidence-based voice pedagogy, and honors the importance of individual vocal needs, including vocal health, vocal production, foreign language diction, stage presence and diversity in repertoire and style. These practices combined with the core experience of our general music education programming enhance individual singer’s voices – and their sense of self beyond the notes.

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From the first day a chorister joins the chorus, YPC works to develop the whole child by combining their musical education with the development of social and life skills – from fostering friendships with others from different backgrounds and nationalities, to workshops on time management and financial literacy. Choristers are given ongoing opportunities to mentor and foster inter-generational relationships with each other, from our annual Camp Jewell retreat to leading in rehearsals.

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