School Choruses

Young People’s Chorus of New York City brings its innovative, nationally recognized music education and choral performance program to children throughout the city in partnership with New York City schools.

What do choristers learn?
All choristers will learn the fundamentals of music and choral performance through a standards-based curriculum that includes:

  • Joy from artistic expression and achievement
  • Healthy vocal technique
  • Music literacy and aural skills
  • Stage presence and confidence
  • Teamwork and leadership skills

How is the chorus structured?
Choruses are led by Young People’s Chorus of New York City’s trained conductors and professional accompanists

  • Programs are available for 24, 12, or 8 week terms
  • Terms are tailored to each school’s schedule and goals
  • Everyone in selected grades is eligible to participate
  • Choruses will perform in school, community, or other New York City events
  • YPC will work within school’s budget

How will the chorus enrich your community?

  • Academic skills are supported through the study of music
  • Global understanding is enhanced by YPC’s unique canon of repertoire
  • 21st Century skills are strengthened through the pursuit of artistic goals
  • Relationships within the community are expanded as the chorus becomes an ambassador through public performance

If you’d like to be a YPC school partner, please email

2017-2018 School Partners

M 541 | Manhattan/Hunter Science High School (Upper West Side)
Partner since 2017 | Amber Salladin

M 670 | Thurgood Marshall Academy for Learning and Social Change (Harlem)
Partner since 2017 | Emma Hathaway

PS 1 | The Alfred E. Smith School (Chinatown)
Partner since 2005 | Gia Gan, Conducting Fellow

PS 75 | The Emily Dickinson School (Upper West Side)
Partner since 2005 | Amber Salladin, Conducting Fellow

PS 130 | The Hernando DeSoto School (Chinatown)
Partner since 2003 | Caitlin Dobmeier, Conductor

PS/MS 149 | The Sojourner Truth School (Harlem)
Partner since 2016 |Maria Peña, Conductor

PS 198 | The Isadore and Ida Strauss School (Upper East Side)
Partner since 2008 | Gia Gan, Conducting Fellow

Repertory High School for Theatre Arts (Times Square)
Partner since 2013 | Amber Salladin, Conducting Fellow

Special Music School (Upper West Side)
Partner since 2017 | Gia Gan/Sonny Willis

PS 268 | The Emma Lazarus School (Crown Heights)
Partner since 2006 | Caitlin Dobmeier, Conductor

PS 770 | The New American Academy (East Flatbush)
Partner since 2015 | Maria Peña, Conductor

MS 2 Parkside Preparatory
Partner since 2017 | Gia Gan, Conducting Fellow

PS 69 | Journey Prep (Clason Point)
Partner since 2010 | Gia Gan, Conducting Fellow

PS 304 | Early Childhood School (Throg’s Neck)
Partner since 2016 | Gia Gan, Conducting Fellow

St. Ignatius School (Hunts Point)
Partner since 2018 | Emma Hathaway, Conducting Fellow

PS 64 | The Joseph Addabbo School (Ozone Park)
Partner since 2010 | Sonny Willis, Conducting Fellow

PS 90 |  Horace Mann School (Richmond Hill)
Partner since 2018  |  Emma Hathaway

PS/IS 178 | The Holliswood School (Jamaica Estates)
Partner since 2008 | Caitlin Dobmeier, Conductor