Nia Soyemi

We Are the Colors

Nia Soyemi

YPC Alumna / Driven / Lively / Caring / Leader

NIA SOYEMI is a proud member of the Screen Actors Guild and Actors Equity and has appeared on Broadway in the musical Hairspray, in the television series Law & Order: SVU, as well as numerous print ads and commercials.  An actress, contemporary vocalist, and dancer, Nia enjoys spending her time developing her talents. A part of YPC since 2002, she is happy to now be invited to write a piece for such a talented group of young artists.

Q: What inspired the piece you wrote?

Q: How have you been personally involved in or impacted by social equity issues?

Q: Is there a favorite lyric or part of the song that is particularly important/impactful to you?

Q: What do you want listeners to take away from your piece?

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